Letter To Schools



To All Elementary Schools:

Re:  "Dominoes, More Than A Game"                     

“The students really enjoyed the domino program
Dominoes, More Than A Game.  I saw an increased interest in math and their math skills.  We are planning to have the program again next semester,” said LINC Site Coordinator Maria Grimoldi of Garfield Elementary School of Kansas City, MO, the current domino tournament champion

"He's going to be in therapy for a while, but hopefully he'll get back in the domino program next school year. He is still playing and getting really good. It's one of his anger relief things. Glad you thought of him. I'll let him know you were thinking of him....thanks." Mandie (parent of a 4th grader at Melcher Elementary, Kansas City, MO). 

Of course math is an important part of the game of dominoes but learning this game requires a lot more. Our program teaches many other skills.  Take two minutes and read what this exciting innovative educational program offers at our home page

After some tweaking from last semester, the program will focus on grades 2-6.  It is an after school program consisting of 60 minutes of instructions once weekly over a period of ten weeks.

When the program is completed, prior to the end of the semester, there will be a tournament involving invited students.  The tournament has been a very popular event the past two semesters.

To view the program details. Please go to our "Home" page and  click the tab "Program Details."

Channel 41 NBC News covered the program in the spring of 2012, click here for the video.

To find  additional information  about me the founder and view my qualifications, please visit  I look forward to speaking with you very soon.


Travis D. L. Newsome