1.  THE SHUFFLE- the act of thoroughly mixing the dominoes (face down) before the hands are drawn.

2. THE HAND- dominoes selected by the players and are now in the hands of the players.

3. BONEYARD- dominoes left after the players have drawn their hands.

4.  THE DOWN OR THE DOWNER- the person that has the privilege of playing the first domino to begin or continue a game.

5.  THE SPINNER - the first double played.  It is called the spinner because players are allowed to play on all four sides.

6.  PASS- if a player does not have a domino in his or her hand that will play (match one of the ends on the table), he has to draw from the boneyard and if there is not a domino in the boneyard that will match one of the ends on the table, the player must say, "I Pass."

7.  BLOCKED GAME- when no one can play and there are no dominoes in the boneyard.  The player with the lowest number of dots receives the total number of dots in the opponent's hand.

8.  SCORE OR TABLE COUNT- the total number of dots in multiples of five after counting the exposed ends.

9.  DRAW- when a player can not play, the player must draw dominoes (one at a time) from the boneyard until he/she finds one that will play and if there are no dominoes in the boneyard that will play, the player must say, "I Pass."

10. GAME- 200 points are required to win a game unless otherwise specified.

11. A MATCH- 3 games with the player winning two of those three games winning the match.

12. I DOMINO- the player that plays his/her last domino first, must say, I domino."

13. SUIT- dominoes that have the same number of dots on one end.  There are seven in each suit group.

14. OBJECT OF THE GAME- to develop a strategy that will allow you to achieve the points necessary to win the game before your opponent does.