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Dominoes on NBC 41  

July 11, 2014

Darnell Benton

Renaissance of Board Games

NBC Nightly News 


                                         “Dominoes, More Than A Game”

The video game industry is expected to grow from $67 Billion in 2012 to $82 Billion in 2017 according to Forbes. This translates into kids of all ages loving video games. We believe most video games while fun and entertaining do not provide the intellectual appeal of some of the “old skool” board games like dominoes. is an educational program designed for all grade levels with emphasis on grades 2-6 called, “Dominoes, More Than A Game” where the instructor will focus on:

1. Critical thinking
2. Probability analysis
3. Deductive reasoning
4. Logical reasoning
5. Memory recall


Participants that excel in the program will also be enriched by improvements in the following areas:

1. Self-esteem
2. Pride in school
3. Improved social skills

To see how the students learn, click here.